Help for Healthcare

Having recently introduced an employee wellbeing programme with the LV Care Group, we have seen considerable uptake with employees accessing counseling and a range of other LINC services. We understand the unique stresses and strains of working in the healthcare industry and aim to support providers in their efforts to contain costs, increase engagement, nurture a culture of positive mental wellbeing and manage employee absence.


We want to support other healthcare providers, and their employees, to access mental health and wellbeing support at the time it’s needed. Whether it’s training, mental health first aid or access to talking therapies, we can tailor our services to meet the needs and demands of your staff teams.

1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem during their lifetime, 1 in 6 at any one time. The responsibility and expectation for employers to care for the mental wellbeing of staff is increasing. This can have considerable financial implications. Across industries, healthcare has one of the greatest per employee cost relating to mental health.


Despite the general trend that workplace absence has fallen over the last decade, the proportion of days lost due to poor mental health has risen.

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