Mental health help at your fingertips

SilverCloud offers a range of modules to help individuals with their mental health.


Anyone can access SilverCloud as it can be used on a mobile phone, tablet or computer.


It is designed to work around you. The modules are cost effective and can be carried out at your own pace, with or without the support of a professional.


LINC are proud to have the exclusive rights of use for SilverCloud in Jersey.

SilverCloud Modules

Modules which can be accessed through SilverCloud include:


1. Space for Positive Body Image 

2. Space from Depression and Anxiety - Diabetes

3. Space from Depression and Anxiety - CHD

4. Space from Depression and Anxiety - COPD

5. Space from Depression and Anxiety – Chronic Pain

6. Space from Depression

7. Space from Anxiety

8. Space from Space from GAD 

9. Space from Social Anxiety

10. Space from OCD

11. Space from Panic

12. Space from Health Anxiety 

13. Space from Phobia

14. Space from Depression and Anxiety (co –morbid)

15. Space from Stress

SilverCloud for Young People

SilverCloud offers modules specifically for young people, including:

  1. Space from Depression

  2. Space from Anxiety

  3. Space from Stress

  4. Space for Positive Body Image


We do recommend speaking with a trusted adult if you are struggling with your mental parents or carer if you are accessing SilverCloud modules.

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