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Programmes for adults


Space for positive body image

Space from anxiety

Space from depression

Space from GAD

Space from social anxiety

Space from OCD

Space from panic

Space from health anxiety

Space from phobia

Space from stress

Space from depression & anxiety - comorbid

Space from depression & anxiety - diabetes

Space from depression & anxiety - COPD

Space from depression & anxiety - CHD

Space from depression & anxiety - chronic pain



Programmes for young People

Space for positive body image

Space from depression

Space from anxiety

Space from stress

We lead increasingly busy lives and it can be difficult to find the time to look after our mental wellbeing. SilverCloud provides a flexible, accessible, digital solution, and we're proud to be the exclusive provider for SilverCloud in Jersey.

As an award winning, innovative online platform, SilverCloud allows you to engage in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy whenever and wherever you choose. With a range of programmes available you can access information relevant to you and explore strategies to help you start thinking and feeling better. 

Each programme can be accessed as a self-help tool or as a supported option, where you're in touch with one of our team along the way.



Email us at to get started. 

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